Keeping Your Brand in Conversation

👉 Whether it’s pushing websites and landing pages to the top of search engine results, crafting valuable content that narrates your brand story, or forging meaningful connections with customers through dynamic social media strategies and personalized email campaigns, I’ve got you covered.

When it comes to digital ads 👀, I try to stretch beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking, infusing creative excellence (with a touch of disruptive digital marketing) into every pixel to captivate and convert. Armed with the insights of Google Analytics, I do the fine-tuning of your campaigns to unleash maximum impact.

SEO Services

I’ll be your private detective 🕵️‍♂️ and explore every corner of your online presence to discover hidden gems and optimize anything that might be slowing you down → the ultimate goal is to push you to the top of the search engine results.

SEO Audit 🧐

Focusing on the backend elements of your website to improve its visibility and performance in search engines — it's about dealing with server settings, loading speed, responsiveness, sitemaps, and other technical aspects that affect search engine crawling and indexing.

On-Page SEO 🪛

Performing in-depth keyword research, optimizing your website's content for relevant keywords, ensuring meta titles and descriptions are compelling and SEO-friendly, and improving site structure and internal linking strategies for improved search engine visibility and higher rankings.

Off-Page SEO 🪛

Curating a strategic link-building plan, cultivating brand mentions and citations across authoritative websites, and engaging your target audience through social media platforms, all designed to enhance your online reputation and drive organic growth.

Technical SEO 🔧

Focusing on the backend elements of your website to improve its visibility and performance in search engines — it's about dealing with website infrastructure, server settings, website speed, mobile-friendliness, sitemaps, and other technical aspects that affect search engine crawling and indexing.

Local SEO 📌

Optimizing your online presence for local search results — the mission is to increase your visibility in local search results for relevant keywords and phrases, making it easier for your local customers to find the business online.

“The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google.”

Content Marketing Services

Picture me as your brand’s storyteller → With UX as my guiding star, I’ll craft valuable content tailored for your target audience. By understanding their needs and preferences, I’ll weave memorable pieces that not only attract but also engage and delight them.

Strategy Development 📐

Understanding your specific goals, defining your target audience, determining KPIs, conducting comprehensive content audits to assess existing materials, creating a content plan, optimizing for SEO, and setting-up editorial guidelines.

Content Development ✍

Getting to know your objectives and target audience, brainstorming content ideas, crafting engaging content in various formats, optimizing for SEO, ensuring consistency and brand identity, and continuous performance analysis for refinement.

Content Optimization 🔋

Performing thorough keyword research, analyzing competitor content, implementing on-page SEO techniques, improving meta tags and descriptions, enhancing website loading speed, promoting through various channels, and monitoring performance metrics.

Content Localization 🏙

Adapting and translating content to suit local cultural preferences, conducting market research to identify relevant topics, localizing graphics and visuals, optimizing for regional SEO, ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards, and conducting user testing for quality assurance.

Social Media Marketing Services

I’ll be the architect 🏰 of your brand’s social media castle → Mixing disruptive digital marketing with user-centric approach, I’ll craft compelling content that connects deeply with your audience. From thought-provoking posts to visually captivating elements, I’ll help you cultivate an engaging and authentic online community.

Platform Setup ⚙️

Creating engaging social media profiles with captivating images and cover photos, optimizing profile descriptions and business information, researching and selecting relevant hashtags, integrating social media buttons on websites, connecting with other accounts, and scheduling initial content posts to establish a compelling online presence.

Platform Management 👨‍💻

Curating engaging content, scheduling and posting updates, responding to comments and messages, analyzing audience insights, monitoring performance metrics, conducting competitor research, and refining strategies to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Platform Optimization 🔧

Conducting a thorough audit of existing accounts, identifying areas for improvement, optimizing profile information, images, and content, researching relevant keywords and hashtags, analyzing audience behavior, implementing best practices for posting frequency and timing, monitoring performance metrics, engaging with the audience, and continuously refining strategies to maximize reach and engagement.

Social Media Advertising 🎞️

Performing audience research and targeting, creating compelling ad campaigns, designing captivating visuals and ad copies, setting budget and bidding strategies, launching and monitoring ad performance, optimizing campaigns based on data analysis, A/B testing ad variations, and providing regular performance reports.

Organic Post Development 🌿

Researching content and ideation, creating engaging and valuable posts, designing captivating visuals, optimizing content for different platforms, scheduling posts for strategic timing, monitoring post performance, responding to comments and messages, and continuously refining the content strategy to maintain audience interest and maximize organic reach.

“Social media is like a fridge. You know there's nothing new, but you still check it every ten minutes.”

Email Marketing Services

Think of me as your brand’s personal messenger 🕊️, delivering valuable content right to your audience’s inbox → By understanding your audience inside out, I’ll curate emails that resonate on a personal level, forging lasting relationships.

Drip Campaigns 📨

Strategizing targeted content, segmenting the audience, crafting engaging email sequences, scheduling automated deliveries, tracking open and click-through rates, analyzing user responses, adjusting content based on insights, and nurturing leads through the customer journey for long-lasting relationships.

Promotional Emails 🔊

Designing eye-catching email templates, crafting persuasive and compelling content, creating appealing visuals and call-to-action buttons, segmenting the target audience, scheduling strategic send times, conducting A/B testing for optimization, monitoring open and click-through rates, analyzing campaign performance, and refining strategies to drive conversions.

Personalized Emails 📝

Collecting customer data for segmentation, analyzing user behavior and preferences, tailoring content to individual interests, designing dynamic email templates, incorporating personalized greetings and recommendations, automating email sends based on triggers, tracking user engagement, measuring campaign effectiveness, and continuously adapting the content strategy to create meaningful connections.

Reengagement Emails 🪴

Identifying inactive subscribers, analyzing their past interactions, crafting personalized and engaging messages, designing clear and straightforward visuals, setting up automated reengagement workflows, monitoring open and click-through rates, tracking reactivation success, and continuously optimizing the approach to reconnect and rebuild connections.

Landing Page Development 🖌

Conducting thorough research and analysis, crafting persuasive copy and engaging visuals, designing user-friendly layouts, optimizing for mobile responsiveness, implementing clear call-to-action buttons, incorporating relevant forms for lead capture, conducting A/B testing for performance improvement, integrating tracking tools for data analysis, and continuously iterating to maximize conversion rates.

“"Emails are like coffee – they're best when they're strong, personalized, and leave you craving for more.”

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)🖱

Researching keywords and audience demographics, crafting compelling ad copies, designing attention-grabbing visuals, setting up targeted ad groups, selecting relevant landing pages, optimizing bids for optimal placements, monitoring click-through rates and conversions, conducting A/B testing for ad variations, analyzing campaign performance, and refining strategies to maximize ROI.

Display Advertising 🫧

Identifying audience segments, crafting unique ad designs, selecting optimal placements, optimizing visuals for various devices, allocating budgets, launching campaigns, tracking impressions and clicks, analyzing engagement data, refining ad designs based on insights, and consistently devising strategies to create visually captivating and effective brand displays.

Social Media Advertising 🎞️

Performing audience research and targeting, creating compelling ad campaigns, designing captivating visuals and ad copies, setting budget and bidding strategies, launching and monitoring ad performance, optimizing campaigns based on data analysis, A/B testing ad variations, and providing regular performance reports.

Remarketing 🧩

Tracking user interactions, segmenting audiences based on behavior, creating tailored ad content, designing attention-grabbing visuals, setting up targeted placements, launching campaigns, monitoring ad performance, analyzing engagement metrics, refining ad content based on insights, and consistently strategizing to engage previous website visitors and guide them back to desired conversions through personalized and relevant messaging.

Shopping Ads 🛍️

Integrating product data feeds, optimizing titles and descriptions, selecting relevant product categories, setting competitive bids, designing eye-catching visuals, launching campaigns, tracking clicks and conversions, analyzing product performance data, refining ad content based on insights, and consistently strategizing to showcase products effectively, enhance shopping experiences, and drive conversions.

Landing Page Development 👨‍🎨

Researching target audience needs, designing visually engaging layouts, writing compelling copy, crafting attention-grabbing headlines, incorporating clear call-to-action elements, optimizing for mobile responsiveness, testing loading speeds, selecting relevant visuals, aligning with ad messaging, integrating lead capture forms, ensuring consistent branding, and tracking user interactions to drive conversions.

Web Analytics Services

I’ll become your data interpeter 🗣, decoding 🔍 the analytics behind your online presence → With a keen eye on data and a dash of disruptive digital marketing, I’ll unravel the melody behind your online performance. Imagine having a backstage pass to your audience’s digital journey, enabling you to fine-tune your marketing composition for maximum impact.

Google Analytics 📊

Setting up tracking codes, configuring conversion goals, monitoring user behavior, analyzing website traffic, assessing engagement metrics, identifying traffic sources, segmenting audience data, tracking click-through rates, measuring conversion paths, evaluating demographic insights, monitoring real-time data, and continuously optimizing strategies based on data-driven insights to enhance website performance and user experiences.

Campaign Tracking 🗂️

Setting up tracking parameters, monitoring user interactions, measuring click-through rates, analyzing conversion rates, assessing engagement metrics, evaluating campaign performance, segmenting audience behavior, tracking traffic sources, studying demographic insights, identifying trends, optimizing content strategies, and continuously refining approaches based on real-time data to ensure campaigns are effective.

Dashboard Development 🚥

Gathering data requirements, selecting relevant metrics, designing visual layouts, integrating data sources, developing interactive charts, configuring real-time updates, embedding custom reports, and organizing key performance indicators.

A/B Testing 🅰🅱

Identifying test variables, designing alternative versions, splitting audiences, running simultaneous tests, measuring performance metrics, analyzing user behavior, tracking conversion rates, assessing statistical significance, drawing insights, implementing changes based on results, and iteratively refining strategies to optimize content, design, and user experiences.

Reach Out to Me!

My doors are always open 😀. Whether you have a question, a proposal, or simply want to explore how we can collaborate, feel free to reach out. Shoot me an email at → [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.